MDerm 201: Microneedling For Acne, A live Zoom workshop
Josh Nerenberg L.Ac. is the instructor for the workshop

"MDerm 201: MICRONEEDLING FOR ACNE" - A Live Zoom Workshop - NCCAOM and CA CEU Course - Aug. 11th

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- This workshop is geared towards Acupuncturists, but anyone can take it - 
- Approved for 2 Live NCCAOM and CA CEU's - 


COST:  Full price is $95 | Currently Discounted

CURRENT WORKSHOP DATES: August 11th (Select the date while checking out)

WORKSHOP TIME:  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST (1p-3p EST)

PREREQUISITE: Must have already taken MDerm 101: Microneedling For Acupuncturists

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*You will receive instructions on how to sign in to your Zoom workshop 1-2 days before it begins

*Approved for 2 live NCCAOM and CA CEU's for Licensed Acupuncturists


  • Approved for 2 Live NCCAOM and CA CEU's
  • A LIVE online ZOOM workshop, "MDerm 201: MICRONEEDLING FOR ACNE" : A Holistic Approach for Professional Acupuncturists
  • Taught by Josh Nerenberg L.Ac., who currently practices everything that he teaches at his Acupuncture clinic
  • Become an expert with helping Acne through holistic and TCM procedures
  • Get an AcuMicro Certification of Completion
  • Class will receive a group discount at the end for anything on AcuMicro's website
  • Learn how to create topical acne tinctures, sprays, and pastes
  • Learn how to greatly increase your clinics revenue by treating acne
  • Receive a free online copy of the instructors book, "Microneedling for Acupuncturists: A TCM Approach"


    This course is written and taught by Josh Nerenberg L.Ac. and will look at treating acne with a multi-pronged approach. This class will cover combining Acupuncture, TCM Herbal Topicals, Oils, Cleansers, Microneedling, & Light Therapy to specifically address acne. It will also aim to teach practitioners how to integrate acne protocols into practices and show how trendy and profitable it can be! 

    You'll learn how having a few niche types of treatments and a diversity of modalities, Acupuncturists are able to broaden their scope and greatly increase their income.


    It’s our mission to educate you on how to utilize sought after skills and perform it in a safe, educated, and effective way.  

    AcuMicro is fully dedicated towards helping Acupuncturists, Doctors, Nurses, & Esthetician's succeed in not only learning new skills, but marketing it. If implemented correctly, adding these types of services is an investment towards your clinics' financial success.


    This is a sponsored Acupuncture workshop that does not necessarily have anything to do with our products or services. We are simply providing a platform for the instructor to teach his workshop. Enjoy!